We make high quality tomato paste suitable for use in either ketchup, reconstituted tomato juice in pizza base sauce and as a flavor to enrich many other sauces sauce. Our tomato paste is made from ripened tomatoes with skin and seeds removed. Our international standard processing standards and machinery enable us to process up to 100 tonness of tomato paste per day and 8,000 tonnes of tomato paste per year.


We can provide tomato pastes in the following formats:

Size: 220 Kg drum, A10 (3Kg) can, 425g can

Types: We can produce a variety of specifications of tomato paste with either 12%, 24%, 28% or 32% brix, both hot break and cold break and with a variety of viscosities to suit customers’ needs.



Produced from natural, high grade tomatoes, our diced tomatoes are packaged in their own juice. Our diced tomatoes can add a great tomato flavor to favourite tomato based meals and added convenience as the chopping has been done for you.


We can provide diced tomatoes in the following formats:

Size: A10 (3Kg) can, 425g can



Our whole, firm, peeled tomatoes are packed in their own juice and add great tomato taste to soups, stews, spaghetti sauce and casseroles. Available in 14.5oz. and 28oz. sizes.


We can provide whole tomatoes in the following formats:

Size: A10 (3Kg) can, 425g can