SAI utilizes a “contract farming” system which has been established through 25 years of support and collaboration with farmers who supply us with the raw materials which are used to develop our products. Farmers are given credit services, insurance for raw materials and agricultural know-how. The SAI contract farming network comprises over 4,000 farming families.


Support provided by SAI to our farmers includes:

Helping survey for suitable land and manpower to run the farm

Seasonal and annual meetings among farmers to explain policies and plantation plan

Selecting farmers to be members of the contract farming network

Training and seminars provided for all farmers before planting

The contract farmers are allowed to have funds and provided with credit and farming

Giving industry knowledge and advice to farmers both in theory and techniques on planting including the right way to    harvest

The company purchases the raw material for the contract farmers and supplies containers for raw materials

Pays for raw material expenses to the farmers as agreed in contract

Assesses all the farming processes of farmers to help improve and continuously develop their farming.